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Lowton Farm
Devon, England

Alpaca Breeding - Hints & Tips

South West Alpacas
Lowton Farm,
England, UK

Tel: 01647-252038


Fleece Sorting Table
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Shear Pleasure

So now the shearing season is over, we have all those beautiful fleeces
. All we need is a good sorting table to help us grade, clean and sort the fibre.

It's in the Balance

We finally found a good set of weighing scales for paddock use

Weighing Scales
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Our Little Red Tractor
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The Little Red Tractor

We took paddock maintainence into our own hands at last - for around half what we expected to pay . . .

Book Recommendations

There aren't many books on looking after Alpacas - and the useful ones are even rarer! The two we just couldn't live without are on our Books page. They also have links to Amazon so you can order them online.


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  last updated August 27, 2008
SouthWest Alpacas is an independent UK alpaca breeder, based in Devon, south west England, UK. We took up alpaca breeding for their wonderful fleece, not to mention their calm temperament, and the simplicity of farming alpacas. Their luxurious natural fibre is light, strong, soft & warm, and it comes in 22 natural colours, from a true rich black, through chocolate brown and russet, as well as various shades of grey, honey and fawn, to a light champagne and finally pure white. It also holds dye very well, which makes alpaca fibre ideal for organic or hypoallergenic clothing & fashion, from hats to gloves, jumpers & scarves or scarfs. Alpaca fibre is an untreated natural fabric, making it ideal for people with allergies & sensitive skin. Our website offers a wealth of information on alpaca breeding, alpaca fleeces & alpaca yarns. We also offer links for information on luxury knitwear - designer knitwear - alpaca clothing & knitwear - as well as alpaca fur toy animals.