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Lowton Farm
Devon, England

Alpaca Photo Gallery

South West Alpacas
Lowton Farm,
England, UK

Tel: 01647-252038



Welcoming the New Girl

We added Viviane, yet another new girl, to the herd last year.

Ambrosius, on the right, is caught here whispering a few tips to Viviane on how things work at Lowton.

     Two of our young alpacas
Viviane (left) & Ambrosius (right)

Viviane - Her Grandaddy is the famous El Moustachio,
one of the first US imports from Don Julio Barreda's Accoyo herd in Peru.

Ambrosius - Grandaddy is Felix, also from Don Julio's Accoyo herd.




New born alpaca cria
   and a proud mum

Our alpaca cria finds her feet
Five Minutes Old . .
"Hello, World!"
Already Looking for Mischief!
"I'm nearly 2 hours old now!"

A pure white & tan alpacas

Our gorgeous black alpaca
Available in White or Tan . . .
"She looks terrible in that colour"
or Black . . .
"My favourite colour -
but it does show the dirt"

Light fawn alpaca

Dark fawn alpaca
or Light Fawn . . .
"DEFRA finally let me in, but I had
to leave my fleece behind"
or even Dark Fawn
"Does my bum look big in this?"

Our playful young alpacas

Our alpacas are always on the look out for food
Cria Just Wanna Have Fun!
"And I won't take no for an answer"
Dinner Bell
"Food? Did someone say . . . food?"

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  last updated August 27, 2008
SouthWest Alpacas is an independent UK alpaca breeder, based in Devon, south west England, UK. We took up alpaca breeding for their wonderful fleece, not to mention their calm temperament, and the simplicity of farming alpacas. Their luxurious natural fibre is light, strong, soft & warm, and it comes in 22 natural colours, from a true rich black, through chocolate brown and russet, as well as various shades of grey, honey and fawn, to a light champagne and finally pure white. It also holds dye very well, which makes alpaca fibre ideal for organic or hypoallergenic clothing & fashion, from hats to gloves, jumpers & scarves or scarfs. Alpaca fibre is an untreated natural fabric, making it ideal for people with allergies & sensitive skin. Our website offers a wealth of information on alpaca breeding, alpaca fleeces & alpaca yarns. We also offer links for information on luxury knitwear - designer knitwear - alpaca clothing & knitwear - as well as alpaca fur toy animals.