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Lowton Farm
Devon, England

SouthWest Alpacas

South West Alpacas
Lowton Farm,
England, UK

Tel: 01647-252038


     Our Farm, set on the slopes of the
Teign Valley in the Dartmoor National Park.

Our Farm

Built in local stone about 150 years ago as a horse-engine house for threshing corn, Lowton Farm sits in a sheltered fold of land halfway up the Teign Valley in the Dartmoor National Park.

We have just over 27 acres (11 hectares) of well-drained sloping pasture for our animals. At 800 feet of elevation, it's not exactly the Altiplano, but at least they do get some nice views!



Our Alpacas

We have a small herd of mostly lighter coloured alpacas, with one or two darker colours for variety. Our ladies are a mix of Chilean and Peruvian Huacayas.

We have been consistently breeding them to the best stud males we can find, using world-class animals from the USA, Canada and Australia.

All our breeding animals are BAS registered.

 Our Alpacas take in
the Dartmoor scenery

Alpacas grazing on Dartmoor

Our Future

Our long-term objective is to create the ideal alpaca for a commercial fibre herd. We have been part of the alpaca business for a few years now - but we still have a lot to learn.

We have many more years of work still ahead of us, but we are fully committed to playing a part in building a viable alpaca fibre industry in the UK.

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  last updated August 27, 2008
SouthWest Alpacas is an independent UK alpaca breeder, based in Devon, south west England, UK. We took up alpaca breeding for their wonderful fleece, not to mention their calm temperament, and the simplicity of farming alpacas. Their luxurious natural fibre is light, strong, soft & warm, and it comes in 22 natural colours, from a true rich black, through chocolate brown and russet, as well as various shades of grey, honey and fawn, to a light champagne and finally pure white. It also holds dye very well, which makes alpaca fibre ideal for organic or hypoallergenic clothing & fashion, from hats to gloves, jumpers & scarves or scarfs. Alpaca fibre is an untreated natural fabric, making it ideal for people with allergies & sensitive skin. Our website offers a wealth of information on alpaca breeding, alpaca fleeces & alpaca yarns. We also offer links for information on luxury knitwear - designer knitwear - alpaca clothing & knitwear - as well as alpaca fur toy animals.